Friday, January 28, 2011

psychology o a soul sistah

study my anatomy
kill my spirit
poison my vein
chain my ankle
misinterpret my language
demonize my ritual
steal my resources
plan mayhem and war
equip my children with rifles
conquer my land and make me th foreinger
infect my sexuality
digitgize my fingerprints
inplant my barcode
stare at my breast
watch me gyrate my hips
imitate my lips
program my infreriority
microwave my mind
frankenstein my food
man make my messiah
sterilize my womb
and watch me prosper

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the father i never had!

i assume he was a wicked man,who betrayed the woman who he betrothed,promicing endless happiness but he disputefuly caused her trauma..tata noba andikwazi kodwa this is what i know about THE FATHER I NEVER HAD.....breaking her heart like delicate pottery leaving an innocent embryo,was it the reason for the embroilment,maybe like all men you had a second involvement,i long for your embracing love,your endeared smile..if i could forturtously meet you i would let you in the forlorn soul you created,tata noba andikwazi kodwa this is what am telling THE FATHER I NEVER formulated a forum in me that expresses anger,glum,hatred,fearsomeness,feeblity that is dissipating the connection i thought i had with the unknown bieng that brought me to this forsaken land...i curse the day i thought about THE FATHER I NEVER HAD....

Friday, December 3, 2010

A night feast!!

He called her in the hallway,peeping through the doorway..looking his way,as much ash she'd love to stay away,she went anyway,she enterd the room of doom,she became dumb he limbs felt numb,as he handed her the white powder..with the feeling of power she wanted more of the substance,she became consistent...if only she was deprived from the NIGHT FEAST,todah she would be in REST

Thursday, December 2, 2010


the sight of you was like of a bee seeing pollen/to love i have fallen/giving you access to my heart/you made me feel like a princess/affectionatly expressing my love/i was deliberatly falling deeper in the blackhole/to my sight you were the affable kind/into love i was blind/with your love i was ambitious/having an amorous bieng with me felt like ruling the universe/without the signs of seeing my one fade away/he was filled with asperity/his loyalty becme askrew/the love you given me was now askance/the aspect led to distance/like a teenager with anorexia/i was filled with asphyxia/the wonderful love expression you gave me/had me filled with aspersion/with wonderful love never thought i could mourn!!!but now I AM TORN!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i am touched!!

in th depths of my soul,very few hav come to witness the truth that lies untold,in the vast darkness of the heartless,it be you that shape my heart,it be you that cause my heart to beat,you cause an unknw feeling,a feeling i cnt explain,this feeling you hav brought un to me it is just and right,this feeling you create can only be called love,you have give me a chance to love and for this i thank you my 1 true love